3 thoughts on “CIA description of Canada

  1. Thank you Dave… i found you again… i was just checking google as for windiepink and this came up… i checked in to see if you had left any follow up comments and i see you have… i will have to read the sinning pillar one… oopppsss.. that is supposed to read… shinning pillar… big smile…. ok… have a great day… tiandra..


  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I find the CIA descriptions pretty suspect. But so well written, so authoritative, you instantly want to believe them. I mean.. oh my goodness. Read the shining pillar that the US seems to be – the envy of all!


  3. well.. i must say.. and interesting place to start… but remember this.. blogs eat up a lot of time… there are almost billions of them out there.. or it will fell like it… the worst thing to happen is someone like me finds you and leaves a comment.. then you feel noticed.. so you want to do more.. but where to start.. scratch your head… look about what to write on… read blogs about blogs about blogs… what an endless game… this said… i liked this post… i am not sure if you are canadian.. i am… i was very disappointed to read about the corruption in goverment note… i will not get into my views on this… just this.. what happened to my canada… tell me this CBC… have a great day… thanks for this post… happy blogging… tiandra..


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