Blind Contour First Friday 1 — Thank God I’m a country boy

Niff and Sutter’s first ‘Blind Contour First Friday’. It was moved from a weekly to a monthly format because it seemed too hard to keep up for many people. This month’s installment has a theme: HOT. Above, I give you our stove with one pot, one griddle, and one frypan on top. Not exactly aContinue reading “Blind Contour First Friday 1 — Thank God I’m a country boy”

Belated tag

Kim tagged me oh so long ago. I’m sorry, Kim. I now answer 4 things, 4 things, 4 things, 4 things… 4 jobs I have had-Fred Flintstone at Canada’s Wonderland-Wendy’s fry cook (aka ‘grill’)-Pelecan Players community theatre actor-Drapery Installer 4 Movies I can watch over and over-Apocalyse Now (see Wendy’s reference, above)-Chinatown-A Christmas Carol (AlistairContinue reading “Belated tag”