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Michael Fikaris at invited me to contribute to this mail art piece when i was over at his place a while ago. Artists so far also included Amy Lockhart, Marc Bell, and Anthony Woodward. I drew Michael’s eyes and hat as he sat looking at me, drawing me in his sketchbook. This image is taken from his flikr account, which I suggest you go and check out. Just looking at the collections of graffiti, galleries and people, an unpretentious, pretty complete sense of outsider art emerges, or how art functions. Well, that’s what i see, anyway. Michael’s volunteered to be our guest editor for the next issue of dtm.

Blind Contour First Friday 1 — Thank God I’m a country boy

Niff and Sutter’s first ‘Blind Contour First Friday’. It was moved from a weekly to a monthly format because it seemed too hard to keep up for many people. This month’s installment has a theme: HOT. Above, I give you our stove with one pot, one griddle, and one frypan on top. Not exactly a subway drawing but as I get ready for work, believe me, I’m there in my mind. Therein lies the oatmeal.

Belated tag

Kim tagged me oh so long ago. I’m sorry, Kim. I now answer 4 things, 4 things, 4 things, 4 things…

4 jobs I have had
-Fred Flintstone at Canada’s Wonderland
-Wendy’s fry cook (aka ‘grill’)
-Pelecan Players community theatre actor
-Drapery Installer

4 Movies I can watch over and over
-Apocalyse Now (see Wendy’s reference, above)
-A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim version, 1951)
-A Bug’s Life

4 Places I have lived
-Jane and Finch, Toronto
-Weston and Lawrecne, Toronto
-Bloor and Bathurst, Toronto
-Dufferin and College, Toronto

4 TV Shows I’ve watched over my life
-Gilligan’s Island
-Dr. Who
-Hill Street Blues
-Gilmore Girls

4 Places I have vacationed
-Washago, Ontario
-Paris, France
-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
-Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto

4 of my favorite dishes
-Theresa’s Peanut Butter noodles
-Theresa’s roast beef
-three eggs over easy with coffee, brown toast, bacon, and HP Sauce
-Swiss Chalet quarter chicken white meat with fries and a 7up, despite the fact it disgusts me.

4 sites I visit daily
Learning Daily
The Jason Turner Project

4 Places I would rather Be
-Washago, Ontario
-Paris, France
-Watching Lord of the Rings with Leah with the sound turned down
-In bed with my head under the covers, fast asleep

I tag…
Nadia, Brett, Jason and Dalton.

Blind Contour Friday 26 – eat a banana

Another older blind contour drawing, this one from August of 2004. At one point in drawing people on the subway I decided to get away from trying to be exact and move more towards… something else… and blind contour was a part of that. I was so happy to discover Niff and Sutter’s Blind Contour Fridays, and find people wilfully posting their blind contour work. It’s just so liberating in so many ways.

This week I’ve been busy finishing up DTM and sending it to the printer, with issue #14. I had taken a break from the schedule, but I’m hoping to get back on track this year, striking more of a balance.

Blind Contour Friday 25 – the brush pen

Another Blind Contour Friday submission (see Inkfinger for the whole list), this time with a brush pen. These are two women who sat in front and across from me, in the single-person seats along the left side of the bus.

Another person sitting further along, I liked the feel of texture in the brush. I know, brush is cheating at blind contour, but what the heck.

Finally, I spotted this person sitting on the right of the bus, and turning his head to the right to see out the front. I was most intereseted in the hat (more tassles, yes) and was really digging the whole touque, only to realize, after I was done that the brush did not touch the page duing that time! Well.. it would have been awsome!

The crazy dirt

I love my daughter’s art, it’s so vivid and full of life. I really like her choice of colour – I’m jealous because I have no colour sense at all. Hence the white homepage. Nevertheless, I asked Leah who this was a painting of (above) and she answered, promptly, it is a painting of “a human.” Of course!

This is one of my absolute favourites of her’s. It’s “A tree in the crazy dirt”. And I can see it, too. You totally rock, Leah.

[addendum — I had originally put the crazy earth, but Leah’s since corrected me: really the crazy dirt. Sorry, hon.]

Blind Contour Friday 23 – Leah’s boots

My daughter’s boots, lying off the mat and on our wood floor. Hmm — I must talk to her about this. After the blind contour of course.
Visit the wonderful Inkfinger to see them all.
Not many updates from me this week – sorry… I’m on vacation and barely going outside, let alone riding the subway. I have been doing some ‘back-posting’ though… I post by drawing date rather than the date I post, doing a bit of filling in.

Blind Contour Friday 22 – the travelling arm

Well, this poor gentleman sitting in front of me (above), a robust freshman on his way to what I think is a kind of college for gym teachers, was my subject for Blind Contour Friday. Him and the tassle in his hat. Not a good morning, his jacket collar turned into the mouth of an alligator. Horrified, I decided I’d better have another go at it, and show everyone what a great, talented blind-contour-er I was:

Goodness, now his head was starting to come apart and his arm sinking into a pool of water. That poor man! What was happening to me? To reinstate my faith I put aside the blind contour and allowed myself to glance at the page occasionally — and boldly drew both him and his buddy sitting in the seat in front of him:

And then glancing was not much better than entirely blind. Well, I guess I’ll have to settle with the idea that the puffy shapes do have some kind of volume, even if the shapes don’t go together. Such is the lesson of the early morning blind contour

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