How to patch a leaky mattress

Leah’s so excited (as Theresa and I are) about her upcoming birthday bash at our family cottage. Friends and family will be coming (note to friends and family – if you read this and have NOT received an invitation, it most likely was swallowed by a spam filter, so please do call us! You ARE invited.) and camping out on our lawn with us. And so, in preparation, we are setting up our camping gear, which includes our inflatable mattress.

But, of course, just as inflatable mattresses went in and out of vogue when I was a child, we are today experiencing the ‘down side’ of the current vogue curve with our inflatable mattress. Ours is now full of holes.

I was sure there was some way to patch the thing without having to buy a kit that doesn’t work for less than the price of a loaf of bread — and the link is here: Hopefully, it works.

Happy happy sleeping.

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