Blind Contour Friday 26 – eat a banana

Another older blind contour drawing, this one from August of 2004. At one point in drawing people on the subway I decided to get away from trying to be exact and move more towards… something else… and blind contour was a part of that. I was so happy to discover Niff and Sutter’s Blind ContourContinue reading “Blind Contour Friday 26 – eat a banana”

Blind Contour Friday 23 – Leah’s boots

My daughter’s boots, lying off the mat and on our wood floor. Hmm — I must talk to her about this. After the blind contour of course. Visit the wonderful Inkfinger to see them all. Not many updates from me this week – sorry… I’m on vacation and barely going outside, let alone riding theContinue reading “Blind Contour Friday 23 – Leah’s boots”

Blind Contour Friday 22 – the travelling arm

Well, this poor gentleman sitting in front of me (above), a robust freshman on his way to what I think is a kind of college for gym teachers, was my subject for Blind Contour Friday. Him and the tassle in his hat. Not a good morning, his jacket collar turned into the mouth of anContinue reading “Blind Contour Friday 22 – the travelling arm”