Grandma relaxing

Grandma curled up in her chair, watching TV with us – this time season three of The Crown on Netflix. … More

She abides

Cheating again for #inktober, a semi-blind contour drawing from an older sketchbook.

Misty, our cat

No one is safe, when they sit still long enough in our living room.

Practice portrait

Another random practice portrait. I’m sure this person is very nice, whoever they may be.

Grandma watching T.V.

Grandma watches TV in our living room, mostly CBC News. It’s the election and every time she sees clips of … More


Mr Frank Bedek, cartoonist behind

Bramwell Tovey

Sketch for practice from a random magazine ad delivered to our door. It happens to be Bramwell Tovey, genious conductor … More

David Bragdon

Spontaneous sketch-off drawing of the soon-to-be-famous David Bragdon at our annual holiday party for The Toronto Comic Jam this year. … More

Dad Reclines

My daughter captures me sleeping on the couch for these two semi-blind contour drawings