Blind Contour Friday 22 – the travelling arm

Well, this poor gentleman sitting in front of me (above), a robust freshman on his way to what I think is a kind of college for gym teachers, was my subject for Blind Contour Friday. Him and the tassle in his hat. Not a good morning, his jacket collar turned into the mouth of an alligator. Horrified, I decided I’d better have another go at it, and show everyone what a great, talented blind-contour-er I was:

Goodness, now his head was starting to come apart and his arm sinking into a pool of water. That poor man! What was happening to me? To reinstate my faith I put aside the blind contour and allowed myself to glance at the page occasionally — and boldly drew both him and his buddy sitting in the seat in front of him:

And then glancing was not much better than entirely blind. Well, I guess I’ll have to settle with the idea that the puffy shapes do have some kind of volume, even if the shapes don’t go together. Such is the lesson of the early morning blind contour

2 thoughts on “Blind Contour Friday 22 – the travelling arm

  1. I too think the story telling to go along with your illustrations is very humrous! I like the tassle on the hat, you’ve got that down perfectly in the first and it begins to look like a slow melt in the second. By the third you’ve totally vindicated yourself! Blind contours are one of my absolute favorite illustrations to do. Thank you for visiting and for your comments, very much appreciated. I lived near Toronto for about 20 years. Great city!


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