An Interview with Jillian Tamaki

[Originally published in April 20 2011 for Sequential (Canadian Comics and Culture Blog). I’m posting it today, Dec 21 2022 but backdating the post date to coincide with the time of the interview] Graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003, Canadian ex-pat Jillian Tamaki has since become a hugely successful NewContinue reading “An Interview with Jillian Tamaki”

An Interview with Sonja Ahlers

[Sonja Alhers’ book The Selves was published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2010, and we had interviewed Sonja for in conjunction with that release. You can find The Selves here and you can find her newest book, Swan Song published 2021 by Conundrum Press here. I am posting this Dec 21 2022, but backdatingContinue reading “An Interview with Sonja Ahlers”

Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton

I had the pleasure of interviewing the great Canadian Kate Beaton for in 2010. She is one of my very favourite cartoonists – very smart, very funny, unpretentious, literary, down to earth. At the time her webcomic Hark! A Vagrant was at the height of it’s popularity, and she was gaining wider fame, winningContinue reading “Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton”

Kevin Boyd talks Joe Shuster Awards

[Originally published May 29, 2010 for I’ve posted this interview here today (Dec 21 2022) and backdated the post to the same date as the interview. Here’s Kevin’s Bio in 2010: Kevin Boyd is a cancer researcher and a long-standing comics promoter. Between 1986 and 1989 he was a founding member of Black LightContinue reading “Kevin Boyd talks Joe Shuster Awards”

Interview with Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell

Here’s an interview with Marc Bell that originally appeared at (since defunct), about his new book Hot Potatoe, his style, and a bit about his move into fine art. [*Edit – this post originally appeared in May 2010 as a link to the interview on the site, but as of Oct 7 2019Continue reading “Interview with Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell”

An Interview with Dan Clowes

[Originally published May 13 2010 for I’ve posted this Dec 21 2022 but backdated the post date to the original publication date.] Dan Clowes, screenwriter, the author of Wilson, and one of the handful of truly iconic figures in what was once called ‘alternative’ comics, spoke with me over the weekend at TCAF. DaveContinue reading “An Interview with Dan Clowes”

An Interview with James Sturm

Here’s an interview with James Sturm that originally appeared at (since defunct) when he visited Toronto for TCAF. [*Edit – this post originally appeared in May 2010 as a link to the interview on the site, but as of Oct 26 2019 has been updated to include the interview itself] Originally Published: MayContinue reading “An Interview with James Sturm”

An Interview with Doug Wright Awards Nominee Adam Bourret

[Reposting this in Oct 2019, originally published in April 2010 for] By Dave Howard Published: April 22, 2010 Toronto cartoonist Adam Bourret was recently nominated for a Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent. He also won the 2009 Best Comic award at Expozine, Montreal’s popular small-press fair. His graphic novel, I’m Crazy, documents his experiences with obsessiveContinue reading “An Interview with Doug Wright Awards Nominee Adam Bourret”

Interview with Jeff Lemire

[Originally published April 20 2010 through I am posting it here on Dec 21 2022 but backdating the post to the original publication date. This was at the beginning of Jeff’s career, after having his first graphic novel, Essex County, published. He has since become very influential as both a prolific writer and anContinue reading “Interview with Jeff Lemire”

An Interview with Nina Bunjevac

[This interview with Nina Bunjevac was originally conducted on March 28 2010 and published on (now defunct) I’m posting it today (Dec 21 2022) and backdating the post to match the original interview date. At the time Nina had published many short stories, and was working as a teacher at Maxx the Mutt College of Animation,Continue reading “An Interview with Nina Bunjevac”

An Interview with Andy Brown, Conundrum Press

[Originally published Feb 23 2010 for I’ve posted this on my blog Dec 21 2022 and backdated the post to match the date of publication. Andy Brown is the publisher of the iconic Conundrum Press. From their website: Conundrum Press is located in Mi’kma’ki/Nova Scotia, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.Continue reading “An Interview with Andy Brown, Conundrum Press”

Interview with Brad Mackay, Doug Wright Awards Co-Founder

[Interview originally published 2010 for, republished here Oct 2019] By Dave Howard Published: February 17, 2010 Brad Mackay is a freelance journalist who, along with Canadian cartoonist Seth, is the co-founder of the Doug Wright Awards, which recognize and celebrate English-language comics and graphic novels in Canada. I spoke to Mr. Mackay earlier this week about the origins of the awards,Continue reading “Interview with Brad Mackay, Doug Wright Awards Co-Founder”

Interview with Jeet Heer

[Originally Published Feb 10 2010 at Posting this Jan 18 2023 but backdating the post to the original publish date. Note links may now be broken.] Jeet Heer is an academic and freelance journalist who has contributed significantly to the understanding and appreciation of comics in both scholarly and mainstream circles. His ideas onContinue reading “Interview with Jeet Heer”

Interview with Chris Butcher, founding TCAF Director

[Original Publication Date: February 3, 2010, Publication:] Chris Butcher is the manager and book buyer for the internationally acclaimed Toronto bookstore The Beguiling. Working in the book industry at a bookstore rather than exclusively at a comics shop, Butcher has had the opportunity to see a great deal of change in the way graphicContinue reading “Interview with Chris Butcher, founding TCAF Director”