Blind Contour Friday 25 – the brush pen

Another Blind Contour Friday submission (see Inkfinger for the whole list), this time with a brush pen. These are two women who sat in front and across from me, in the single-person seats along the left side of the bus.

Another person sitting further along, I liked the feel of texture in the brush. I know, brush is cheating at blind contour, but what the heck.

Finally, I spotted this person sitting on the right of the bus, and turning his head to the right to see out the front. I was most intereseted in the hat (more tassles, yes) and was really digging the whole touque, only to realize, after I was done that the brush did not touch the page duing that time! Well.. it would have been awsome!

3 thoughts on “Blind Contour Friday 25 – the brush pen

  1. haha. that has got to be a problem when doing bc’s with a brush…not touching the paper. I have run out of ink many times to only notice after the fact as well. I really love the sweeping motoins you have here. SO glad you are drawing withouth looking at your paper. awesome stuff!


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