This is a documentary about the systemic geoncide of native peoples here in Canada, as seen through the eyes of ex-United Church minister Kevin Annett. I’m guessing visitors to the site may come here because of occasional homeschooling tags, but, though not visually graphic and in fact very tasteful in the telling of some of the horrificContinue reading “UNREPENTANT: KEVIN ANNETT AND CANADA’S GENOCIDE (documentary)”

Who has time for the internet?

These days, I struggle to understand where other people with kids find the time to post things to the internet, let alone do the relatively simple things like read their email. Or do the laundry. Or have a conversation with their spouse. Facebook has recently brought this mystery to the forefront for me again. I’mContinue reading “Who has time for the internet?”

T.O. 2050: Bad weather ahead

TONY BOCK/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO The city’s skyline, obscured by smog, on October 13, 2004: There will be more foul-air days – with the attendant health problems, including asthma attacks and strokes – as pollutants get baked in the abundant sunlight and heat. More people are expected to crowd emergency rooms. Unless we seriously putContinue reading “T.O. 2050: Bad weather ahead”