Belated tag

Kim tagged me oh so long ago. I’m sorry, Kim. I now answer 4 things, 4 things, 4 things, 4 things…

4 jobs I have had
-Fred Flintstone at Canada’s Wonderland
-Wendy’s fry cook (aka ‘grill’)
-Pelecan Players community theatre actor
-Drapery Installer

4 Movies I can watch over and over
-Apocalyse Now (see Wendy’s reference, above)
-A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim version, 1951)
-A Bug’s Life

4 Places I have lived
-Jane and Finch, Toronto
-Weston and Lawrecne, Toronto
-Bloor and Bathurst, Toronto
-Dufferin and College, Toronto

4 TV Shows I’ve watched over my life
-Gilligan’s Island
-Dr. Who
-Hill Street Blues
-Gilmore Girls

4 Places I have vacationed
-Washago, Ontario
-Paris, France
-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
-Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto

4 of my favorite dishes
-Theresa’s Peanut Butter noodles
-Theresa’s roast beef
-three eggs over easy with coffee, brown toast, bacon, and HP Sauce
-Swiss Chalet quarter chicken white meat with fries and a 7up, despite the fact it disgusts me.

4 sites I visit daily
Learning Daily
The Jason Turner Project

4 Places I would rather Be
-Washago, Ontario
-Paris, France
-Watching Lord of the Rings with Leah with the sound turned down
-In bed with my head under the covers, fast asleep

I tag…
Nadia, Brett, Jason and Dalton.

5 thoughts on “Belated tag

  1. one of my fav movies was also A Christmas Carol, though a different version!and a friend has just introduced me to The Gilmore Girls, just on the first season but like it so far!and really thanks for the everyday i am honored!


  2. Kim… thank you for nudging me along, I really need it. if not for you, i probably would not have revived the sketckbook blog. and, well… i like the attention!speaking of which, yeah, gone are the days when i could snake myself into the little sequin number i wore that night. Mike S. hit on me, too. ha!


  3. Dave thank you for doing this blog homework assignment. I would give you an A+ but since it is a tad late I will give you a B. Chortle, laugh, gaffaw…Hey Dave I didn’t know you where a thespian, although you did make a pretty woman…(do you recall a certain Halloween)


  4. Hi Nadia… well, it took me three weeks, I understand.Now, just think of all the kids in the park saying… “Hey Mom, why is Fred only as tall as Barney?” Huh boyeee.


  5. <>Tagged!<> I don’t usually do blogmemes, but I’ll try to get round to this.Don’t take this the wrong way, Dave, but I can totally see you as Fred Flintstone. 😀 YABBA-DABBA-DOOOOO!


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