Blind Contour First Friday 1 — Thank God I’m a country boy

Niff and Sutter’s first ‘Blind Contour First Friday’. It was moved from a weekly to a monthly format because it seemed too hard to keep up for many people. This month’s installment has a theme: HOT. Above, I give you our stove with one pot, one griddle, and one frypan on top. Not exactly a subway drawing but as I get ready for work, believe me, I’m there in my mind. Therein lies the oatmeal.

3 thoughts on “Blind Contour First Friday 1 — Thank God I’m a country boy

  1. i know that this may sound odd, but perhaps it’s the title you gave this also. but i look at your blind contour and it reminds me of using a camp stove on summer camping trips with the family. only instead of oatmeal, it was grits, eggs, and hot water for tea… yum!


  2. Oatmeal sounds good.actually, I think I will go makes some now. Thanks Dave. ha.I wish I could see some steam rising from that pot.=)


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