Another from the series of found drawings, scribblings on the backs of work documents I’m reading on the way home. This one I tried to follow Dalton’s advice and colour and play with it a bit after I found it. I ended up colouring a few of them with Leah, using her markers. I’ve let Leah run over my sketches in the past (literally – you can see some here and here), but on this drawing I think it’s just me colouring. The baby is a blind contour of a doll of Leah’s, lying on our piano bench. I coulnd’t resist drawing when colouring. Sort of how I am when reading work documents.

3 thoughts on “play

  1. and you’ll begin by joining in the self-portrait marathon, right? :)(thanks for your comment on flickr, lol, which you may regret, I’m going to be checking! 🙂


  2. yes Dave! I like this! that’s a large part of the fun for me, playing around with my sketches afterwards, the addition of the blue contour doll perfect! You don’t post enough, more please!


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