5 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. nope, she don’t and thats why i loves her so.this took me about 40 min i guess. i did a 5 min awful one that i tore up, then a 20 min one i abandoned, then this one. my mouth naturally turns down like that, even when i’m happy. what the heck.i’m cheating a bit i actually drew this for something else, about two months ago. the second self-portrait will be the one that kills me. we’ll see!


  2. I’m still laughing at what your wife said! You’ve got that dour, navel-gazing (though still charming, I hasten to add) expression on your face that I get, too, when I do these. Great job—wonder what you’ll do next!


  3. lol, your wife doesn’t sugar-coat her critique does she!this is a long study? something I’ve haven’t seen you do before, a surprise to see! I find those the hardest to do, I’m so used to dashing things off quick now, plus the shading, also haven’t seen before, like the difference between the subtle modeling of the skin and the more scribbly lines that describe and define the volume of the hair.yay Dave! so glad you’ve joined in, can’t wait to see more, I find it interesting how different I look each time, think you will too, it becomes a little addictive!we all look so serious!


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