Blind Contour First Friday – JUNE

My submission for Niff and Sutter’s Blind Contour Fridays. If you follow the link and check out everyone’s work, you’ll see it’s a great deal of fun. This month’s theme is “My Favorite!” which in this case is a messed up bottle of HP Sauce – my favourite condiment. I imagine this is how the egg sees the bottle before I slop it in it’s eye.

6 thoughts on “Blind Contour First Friday – JUNE

  1. Thanks for all the great comments! It didn’t occur to me until later that perhaps, yes, not everyone in the world may be aware of my personal love, HP Sauce. Let me say that I’m not alone around here, though my wife hates it, there are many who love it as I do. It’s a steak sauce akin to A1 Steak Sacue, and doesn’t taste all that different – maybe a little more molasses. HP actually stands for Houses Of Parliment, it comes originally from England, and all those squiggles are my blind contour of the line drawing of the Houses of Parliment on the label. If you’re so inclined, go watch V for Vendetta and watch ’em blow sky high.


  2. I’m embarassed to say that I had to look up “HP sauce” – Now I’m curious enough to go buy some! I love how the type on the label seem to be unravelling from the bottle, like an exploded view drawing.


  3. i love doing labeled bottles for some reason. i’m not so good at them, but the end product is always gratifying. yours is great-though i can’t remember if i’ve ever had hp sauce. or squinty-eyed eggs.


  4. AWESOME DAVE! i love the crazy letters and floating shapes. those lines darting here and there…you are king of blind contour drawings!


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