My wife and I have a saying between us: Sometimes sometimes means yes, sometimes sometimes means no, and sometimes sometimes means sometimes.

I’m not entirely sure what I want this blog to do, except that I’d like to be able to post our goings-on from time to time, for friends and family, and to find moral support from those people who may be interested in what we are doing.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. sometimes…. a big smile… tiandra….

    (refer to section: Sometimes, file: CIA, code file: Interesting, suspect: Canada, reward: Coruption, Means of Apprehension: none.. media has bought into goverment advertising… perfect…

    you can never go back to the seen of a perfect crime… big smile… have a great day.. tiandra..

    ps.. Dave.. i was reading your second pargraph… this is all fine and good.. now get to it and expand that little brain of yours to take on the world…

    what you are really saying is.. i have something to say.. give me a minute.. i am not sure about this game. this blogging… but look at it this way… blogging is like going swiming… if you can not swim you sink.. same with blogging.. but more important is this.. jump right in… never mind getting your toes wet… hmmmmmmm… moral support… yes… i just gave you some moral support… i can feel your heart.. now get to it.. get that ticker racing..feel you pulse… yes.. now you get it…

    and remember this secret to your success.. a mans brain is goal driven.. make clear goals and your blog will reward you richly…

    (check UCLA male female brain differences)

    be good… enjoy your blogging.. tiandra..


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