Fabulous Illustrations for Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

I follow Maria Popova’s blog The Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings) and receive her newsletter every Sunday. Like all email newsletters, I don’t read every issue, but this one linked to a wonderful post on different illustators’ interpretations of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I share it with you! https://www.brainpickings.org/2015/07/20/best-brothers-grimm-illustrations/ Here you’ll find Edward Gory Maurice SendakContinue reading “Fabulous Illustrations for Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales”

They trimmed our tree out front

The city came by and trimmed our tree out front. It’s a honey locust, very common around Toronto because it’s robust and quick-growing. In Toronto, the first 6 feet or so of your property is controlled by the city, if you have a tree planted. They come by and maintain the tree when they can,Continue reading “They trimmed our tree out front”

Toronto Comic Jam at offthemap gallery

Cleaning out my computer, I came across these photos and the video below of the comic jam we had at offthemap gallery in downtown Toronto, waay back in Feb of 2004. Peter Kambasis generously took the video and the photos, and so many thanks to him. Check out http://www.torontocomicjam.com and http://www.offthemapgallery.com, too.