Fabulous Illustrations for Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

I follow Maria Popova’s blog The Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings) and receive her newsletter every Sunday. Like all email newsletters, I don’t read every issue, but this one linked to a wonderful post on different illustators’ interpretations of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I share it with you! https://www.brainpickings.org/2015/07/20/best-brothers-grimm-illustrations/ Here you’ll find Edward Gory Maurice SendakContinue reading “Fabulous Illustrations for Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales”

Jillian Tamaki is my new Superhero

Master master master comics artist (Skim), illustrator, artist, humourist, web-cartooist (SuperMutant Magic Acadamy) and blogger (Jillian Tamaki sketchblog), Jillian Tamaki’s art just lifts me up. I freaking love it. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to interview her  – and I can’t help feeing that every question I ask is just not going to measure up.

Alan Bunce’s Funny Forest webcomic is fantastic

Somehow, Al’s comic Funny Forest captures so perfectly the joyousness and exuberance of spontaneous comic creation. I love all the visual gags, the irreverence for reality, for plot – smart in all the ways of all great meta-web-comics – it sort of reminds me of Krazy Kat in it’s way. It’s just so much damn fun. Read itContinue reading “Alan Bunce’s Funny Forest webcomic is fantastic”

Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton

I had the pleasure of interviewing the great Canadian Kate Beaton for books.torontoist.com in 2010. She is one of my very favourite cartoonists – very smart, very funny, unpretentious, literary, down to earth. At the time her webcomic Hark! A Vagrant was at the height of it’s popularity, and she was gaining wider fame, winningContinue reading “Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton”

Interview with Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell

Here’s an interview with Marc Bell that originally appeared at books.torontoist.com (since defunct), about his new book Hot Potatoe, his style, and a bit about his move into fine art. [*Edit – this post originally appeared in May 2010 as a link to the interview on the books.torontoist.com site, but as of Oct 7 2019Continue reading “Interview with Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell”

An Interview with James Sturm

Here’s an interview with James Sturm that originally appeared at books.torontoist.com (since defunct) when he visited Toronto for TCAF. [*Edit – this post originally appeared in May 2010 as a link to the interview on the books.torontoist.com site, but as of Oct 26 2019 has been updated to include the interview itself] Originally Published: MayContinue reading “An Interview with James Sturm”

An Interview with Doug Wright Awards Nominee Adam Bourret

[Reposting this in Oct 2019, originally published in April 2010 for books.torontoist.com] By Dave Howard Published: April 22, 2010 Toronto cartoonist Adam Bourret was recently nominated for a Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent. He also won the 2009 Best Comic award at Expozine, Montreal’s popular small-press fair. His graphic novel, I’m Crazy, documents his experiences with obsessiveContinue reading “An Interview with Doug Wright Awards Nominee Adam Bourret”

Interview with Brad Mackay, Doug Wright Awards Co-Founder

[Interview originally published 2010 for books.torontoist.com, republished here Oct 2019] By Dave Howard Published: February 17, 2010 Brad Mackay is a freelance journalist who, along with Canadian cartoonist Seth, is the co-founder of the Doug Wright Awards, which recognize and celebrate English-language comics and graphic novels in Canada. I spoke to Mr. Mackay earlier this week about the origins of the awards,Continue reading “Interview with Brad Mackay, Doug Wright Awards Co-Founder”

Toronto Comic Jam at offthemap gallery

Cleaning out my computer, I came across these photos and the video below of the comic jam we had at offthemap gallery in downtown Toronto, waay back in Feb of 2004. Peter Kambasis generously took the video and the photos, and so many thanks to him. Check out http://www.torontocomicjam.com and http://www.offthemapgallery.com, too.