An Interview with Jillian Tamaki

[Originally published in April 20 2011 for Sequential (Canadian Comics and Culture Blog). I’m posting it today, Dec 21 2022 but backdating the post date to coincide with the time of the interview] Graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003, Canadian ex-pat Jillian Tamaki has since become a hugely successful NewContinue reading “An Interview with Jillian Tamaki”

Interview with Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell

Here’s an interview with Marc Bell that originally appeared at (since defunct), about his new book Hot Potatoe, his style, and a bit about his move into fine art. [*Edit – this post originally appeared in May 2010 as a link to the interview on the site, but as of Oct 7 2019Continue reading “Interview with Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell”

An Interview with Dan Clowes

[Originally published May 13 2010 for I’ve posted this Dec 21 2022 but backdated the post date to the original publication date.] Dan Clowes, screenwriter, the author of Wilson, and one of the handful of truly iconic figures in what was once called ‘alternative’ comics, spoke with me over the weekend at TCAF. DaveContinue reading “An Interview with Dan Clowes”

Interview with Jeff Lemire

[Originally published April 20 2010 through I am posting it here on Dec 21 2022 but backdating the post to the original publication date. This was at the beginning of Jeff’s career, after having his first graphic novel, Essex County, published. He has since become very influential as both a prolific writer and anContinue reading “Interview with Jeff Lemire”

An Interview with Nina Bunjevac

[This interview with Nina Bunjevac was originally conducted on March 28 2010 and published on (now defunct) I’m posting it today (Dec 21 2022) and backdating the post to match the original interview date. At the time Nina had published many short stories, and was working as a teacher at Maxx the Mutt College of Animation,Continue reading “An Interview with Nina Bunjevac”